The commission for the architectural visualization of the Hotel OD Barcelona included also the ground floor, with the Lobby and entrance, dining room, and the terrace. This ground floor was divided in two levels and we first focused on the architectural visualization of the dining room and the terrace. The Hotel OD Barcelona, designed by the architect Victor Rahola and the interior designer Mayte Matutes, needed to have its core in the terrace and the dining room. These are very important spaces since the OD Group houses once a week the “Burger Meets Gin” event. It is the Classic OD concept of combining gourmet mini-burgers with an original Gin Tonic, along with great music from local and guest DJs, shows like action painting and fashion shows and an eclectic and stylish crowd.

Before building these spaces, it was necessary to test its configuration according to materiality, furniture and geometry to match the properties needs. Several tests of these elements were made during the work of the images of thearchitectural visualization of the Hotel OD Barcelona. In this type of project, the interior renders of the Hotel, helps the designer and the property owner to better understand the spaces, as well as to confirm the design made, not only with respect to furniture but also with respect to the different materials and their tones.

After all these tests, when the design was fixed and the points of view confirmed, we added different accessories to give life to the scene and we performed by detailing the modeling and texturing of every image.

With the clear goal in mind of the desired environment and all the elements of the interior design renderings confirmed, we elaborated the final rendering at high resolution and did the post-production of the images to finish defining the look and the desired atmosphere.

For the terrace images, we went on-site to take photographs of the surroundings in order to get a realistic and truthful image.




Victor Rahola and Mayte Matutes


Barcelona, Spain