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We are a design studio specialized in architectural visualization. Our main goal is to bring out the best from projects, turning every image, every frame into a unique piece of artwork.

By combining different techniques we create an atmosphere that evokes life and emotion, reflecting the character of the project and visualizes your concept, adding value to your projects.

Beats of Light provides visuals for architecture, urban planning, landscaping, interior and product design.





We offer a variety of visualization and 3D for architecture, interior and product design for marketing purposes, architectural competitions and for real estate.

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An image is worth a thousand words. With architecture renders you can convince your client about your design with still images that portrays your vision with an evocative atmosphere.


Bring your project alive with architecture animations and take your vision to the next level with movies, walkthroughs and cinemagraphs.


Show your project with an inmersive experience with a virtual tour or through 360ยบ panoramas




Visualize your product and convince your client about its aesthetics and functionality and test your design before its production.

We are


Our highly creative team is composed by architects and 3d artists passionate about CGI and photography. We are committed to offer the best of ourselves to create evocative and compelling architecture visualization, while providing the client with the best service.

We are very customer oriented and our goal is to craft architecture renders that stand out in order to generate customer satisfaction.

We focus on composition, storytelling, light and shadow as our main tools and pay attention to details. We always balance our technical skills and our artistic approach without forgetting to optimize the production process to meet deadlines and clients’ needs

Our belief of understanding our profession as a craft allow us to make a unique and a special experience for every project that reflects the customer identity and project narrative.






The process behind the work at Beats of Light from the first contact with the client till delivering the final visuals in order to create high-end architectural renderings.


In order to send the client a quotation, we need a briefing describing the scope of the project with the number and type of architectural visualization services needed. The client will provide the most available information about the project.


Once the cost proposal and timings have been approved, we proceed with modelling the project or importing the client’s model and texturing. We provide the client with different points of view for every image to choose the ones to develop.


Once the points of view have been settled, we work more in detail for every view in terms of modelling, lighting, texturing, postproduction and storytelling. The client will receive some previews to review the content before the final delivering.


When the previews have been modified we send the final images within the agreed deadline, hoping to have a satisfied and returning client.